WP7 Identity and Culture Drivers

This WP aims to identify the identity and cultural drivers that are likely to lead to the realization of one of the three envisaged ideal-type scenarios i.e. conflict, cooperation, or convergence in EU-Türkiye relations. It focuses on Türkiye’s and Europe’s perceptions of each other in identity and cultural terms, which play a pivotal role in shaping the relationship. It also studies the regional and global representations of Türkiye- Europe relations, which play a key role in both shaping the identities of Türkiye and Europe and their perceptions of one another. In terms of scope, this WP encompasses a detailed study of cultural and identity interactions between Europe and Türkiye since 1789 to present. By analyzing how representations of the European or the Turkish Other varied and evolved through cultural exchanges and political interactions in different historical periods, the WP aims to identify patterns of continuity and change, which form the basis of its assessment regarding the likelihood of the three ideal type scenarios.