EU Funded Projects

The Future of EU-Turkey Relations: Mapping Dynamics and Testing Scenarios


Future of EU-Turkey Relations (FEUTURE), the largest research project on EU-Turkey relations ever funded by the European Commission with the participation of 15 partner institutions from nine countries, aims to explore future avenues for further EU-Turkey cooperation with its comprehensive research approach. 







Enacting European Citizenship (January 2008- December 2010)

Researchers: Bahar Rumelili, E. Fuat Keyman and Bora İşyar

ENACT (Enacting European Citizenship) is a project coordinated at the Open University (UK), bringing together researchers from UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Hungary, and Turkey to explore in depth how European citizenship is claimed, disputed, built –in short, enacted. Research conducted at Koc University seeks to identify the ways in which specific groups of Turkish citizens enact European citizenship, and analyses the similarities and differences in their acts.

Project web-site: www.enacting-citizenship.eu